Auditions – Auditions!

Murder by the Book 

Written by Duncan Greenwood and Robert King,

Produced by Dan Youmelle,

Directed by Katie Burke

Auditions will take place on the following dates:

Wednesday July 24 

7-9 pm

Thursday July 25 

7-9 pm

Friday July 26 – 4-9 pm (Art Walk event)

 Location:  BMO building   159 Pitt Street, Cornwall

(site of the future Cornwall Arts and Culture Centre)

 Please pass along the word to potential cast members

 Anyone who would like to audition but cannot make these times/dates should call Katie at 613 933 8353

 The following characters are in the play:

Selwyn Piper – a novelist, a successful literary critic and thriller writer, in his forties, well groomed, erudite and self-assured, ready but sardonic wit.

Christine Scott – his secretary, attractive, likeable, efficient, in her early 20’s, unobtrusive charm, devoted to Piper but the relationship never goes beyond that of employer/employee.

Imogen Piper – his wife – a few years younger than her husband, attractive ex-actress, theatrical charm and composure, good at verbal fencing, well dressed, heavily made up.

Peter Fletcher – his neighbor – in his late twenties, light-hearted, frivolous manner, appears unable to take even the the most solemn occasion seriously, reveals flashes of acute intelligence which shows more as the play develops.

John Douglas – his publisher- bluff, middle-aged, immaculately turned-out with easy charm which disintegrates into bewilderment under stress.  He is intellectually inferior to both Selwyn and Imogen – fails to appreciate the import of the deadly games they play on each other and as a result he becomes a pawn in their hands.

(The show dates are November 22, 23, 24, 29 and 30.)

Murder by the Book is produced through special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

Click here to download the Vagabond Audition form

 Please bring a completed copy of the form to your audition.

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For further info you can call Dan at 613 938-1930

or contact us via email @: